Alternative Education Virtual Summit

On the 9th of September at 20.00 Cyprus time, we will present to you an online summit about alternative education.

A panel of expert speakers from Cyprus, the UK, the USA and Israel, will be presenting short (10 minutes) talks on a topic regarding alternative education.

The link to book your place (free of charge) is here and the whole address below

At the time of writing this, 45 of the 74 tickets have been taken so you need to be quick if you want to watch it.

So far our panel includes the speakers below. There will be a 30 minutes opportunity at the end for your questions.

Blake Boles – The Wide World of Self-Directed Options in the United States

Jo Merrett – Exeter University, UK. The Benefits of Elective Home Education

Harriet Pattison – Liverpool Hope University, UK. A child led approach to learning to read

Artemis Bear – Self directed learning communities in the UK

Sean McDougall – The link between economic well-being and education systems that support creativity

Marios Siathas – Professional Education and Training – making young people employment ready

Yaacov Hecht – The International Democratic Education Movement

Wendy Charles Warner – How to support families who choose alternative education

Published by mfoulia

I live between two countries, Wales and Cyprus. Mum of 3 unschooled children, writer, bibliophile, businesswoman, psychotherapy student, and advocator for alternative education.

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